ZipGrow 4-tower pack

Vertical growing technology for hydroponics, aquaponics, green walls and vertical gardens, indoors or outdoors.

ZipGrow towers usually work within a complete system (with tank, pump, irrigation lines). For complete solutions, go to Green Walls.

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Highly smart growing technology

ZipGrow is a patented technology, designed to be both easy to use and very efficient. 

They allow countless configurations to hobby and professional growers, as well as landscape designers.
Whether you’re doing hydroponics or aquaponics, ZipGrow is ideal for high density cultivation of greens, herbs or strawberries.

This is a 4-ZipGrow tower pack. Each ZipGrow tower comes with:

  • Rigid UV-resistant white housing
  • Matrix Media
  • Removable hanger (rope + 2 hooks)
  • Wicking strips to help with water retention

ZipGrow is built with high-quality materials, and will serve you well for a long time, even in a greenhouse or outdoors. ZipGrow housings come with a 20-year warranty!

With this 4-pack, you will save on the price of towers and shipping. Please note it does not include pumps, irrigation tubes or any other elements needed to build your system. For complete systems, go to Green Walls.

You will need a pulling hook to pull the Matrix Media in and out of the housing.
Add a stainless steel pulling hook to your order for 12 € (save 17 €)

Housing 100% rigid PVC, UV-resistant, safe for cultivation and food applications
Media Recycled PET nonwoven fiber with silicon coating
Hanger Anti-UV polyester rope & stainless steel hooks
Wicking strips Non-woven polyester
Height 152.4 cm (5 ft) each
Width & depth 10.16 cm (4 in) each
Weight 4.3 kg each

ZipGrow - l'essentiel (FR)

Comment fonctionne la technologie ZipGrow? En quoi sont faites les colonnes? Comment planter, irriguer, fertiliser, récolter? Que cultiver dans des ZipGrow? Quels rendement attendre? Les réponses aux questions essentielles dans ce guide de 20 pages. Version française.

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ZipGrow - The Essential (ENG)

What is the ZipGrow technology? What are the towers made of? How to plant, irrigate, fertilize and harvest? What crops grow well in ZipGrow towers? What yields can I expect? Find answers to frequently asked questions in this 20 page start-up guide book. English version

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    ZipGrow 4-tower pack

    ZipGrow 4-tower pack

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