About Refarmers

We are REFARMERS, a French company established in 2015 and based in Lyon. Our objective is to support the development of local farming, by providing knowledge and technological solutions to individuals, non-profits and business. We have a special interest in off-soil technologies such as hydroponics (including aquaponics), which is ideal for small-scale urban farming. We envision a future where food production is close to consumption, distributed among many small actors: professional growers with high-density urban farms, but also consumers with vertical gardens and green walls.

We share this vision with Bright Agrotech, the US company founded by Dr Nate Storey, inventor of the ZipGrowTM technology. We see in ZipGrowTM and Bright Agrotech an ideal solution towards this vision: a simple, modular and highly efficient growing technology, supported by a wealth of accessible educational resources and a growing community of local growers.

REFARMERS is the exclusive ZipGrowTM licensee for Europe: we manufacture and distribute ZipGrowTM products as well as complementary products. We will also run a small greenhouse farm in Lyon: a demonstrator for the ZipGrowTM technology and the basis for an ambitious R&D project towards an circular organic urban farm.

For more info, visit  refarmers.co

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